6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hello I injion singing and would be interested in see and joining your group. Moved back to summmerland in Aug 2015 after living in North Okanagan for 15 yrs.

    • We’re not doing a singing production at the moment, unfortunately, but keep your eye on this page and our Facebook page to learn more. We’ll add you to our mailing list, too.

      • I found your information pamphlet in the library, inviting both novice and experienced directors, actors, backstage crew etc. to come and play with the SS&P family. I’d love to do so, and attend your monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month – but the only address is Box 1217 and I don’t think I’d fit in that box. There is no time indicated either. Could you please give me a physical address, and a time, and I’ll see you then.
        thank you
        florida town

      • Due to illness, we are not having a regular board meeting this month. Would you like to meet for coffee and talk about the group?

  2. Was talking to Jan and she asked if I would like to be a extra for the murder mystery in july and august2020 . I said I would let her know she gave me her phone number and I lost it was wondering if you could talk to her for me please

    • We will pass your message along to Jan. Also, if you PM your email address, we just sent out information about the next murder mystery, which we can forward to you.

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